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We provide a wide array of repair services to meet your needs. We repair computers, laptops, tablets, printers and other devices. Upon call we can come to your address in the shortest time possible. For regular customers we work 24/7, during weekends, holidays, whenever you need our services feel free to call us. Most of the repairs we conduct on spot, in order to save time and make your computer and other devices fully functional again as quickly as possible.

If we are not able to repair the device immediately, we do that at our service center on short notice and if we do not have certain components available we can order them within short time. We also give advice on how to upgrade your computer and how to maintain it, if neccessary exchange malfunctioning components or upgrade them, all according to your needs and wishes.

We provide installation of all forms of operating systems, programs, drivers and other things you require to comfortably work on your computer. If you need emergency support we can connect  with your computer via Team Viewer and make the neccessary changes/repairs.

We also conduct backups and restoring dana from your hard discs which are malfunctioning, also retrieving dana you have accidentaly erased.

We guarantee the lowest possible prices. The price list is flexible, after your call we send you an exact assessment of costs, guaranteeing low expenses.

If we are not able to repair your device, we do not charge our work and we offer you some suggestions how you can proceed.

Contact us  on mobile phone, viber or whatsapp: +385 91 941 08 47

ili send us an e-mail:

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